Warranty terms

1. Company product warranty considering the receipt or other evidence from the date of purchase is important If you do not provide evidence that the product is under warranty, the company will assume that the product is out of warranty.

2. The warranty conditions cover only the product. Normal operating conditions only This does not include damage from faults from use, transportation, corrosion due to chemicals. Product Modification incorrect maintenance and improper installation or obstruction inside the product, sanitation system, etc.

3. If it is found that the products under warranty are damaged due to manufacturing errors, the company will consider repairing and replacing spare parts. or exchange for a product of equivalent value to customers as appropriate However, liability does not cover damages. or other expenses apart from the product

4. In the event that the product is not covered by the warranty various expense rates will notify the customer before taking any action

5. Warranty products

DONMARK brand products, 1 year warranty.
FENIX brand products, 1 year warranty.
DMG brand products are guaranteed for 5 years.